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If you have a Tecumseh “OHV110, OHV120, OHV130, OHV140, OHV180, or OHV200″ single cylinder engine; there are no replacement electronic ignition modules (Tecumseh P/N: 610748”) for these engines. These engines were used on many industrial engines because they have 1 & 1/16″, 1 & 1/8″, and 1 & 3/16” shafts. These units were used on tractors, asphalt pavers, pumps, winches, and welders.

We run into these engines on Miller Electric Roughneck welder and the Miller Bluestar 2-E welder. Miller doesn’t have a clue about these engines and they have been discontinued by Tecumseh. Unless your Tecumseh dealer has old parts on the shelf-you’re out of luck.

Weldmart offers the complete retrofit upgrade ignition kit for these engines. We stock our kit P/N: WM-0011 for the Miller Bluestar 2-E and the Miller Roughneck with the Tecumseh OHV 140 engine. If you need one for any other application except the Miller welder, please call us @ 1-800-460-6474

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