All Tig torches are not the same!!!

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Got a call from a new prospective customer. He was shopping for a replacement Weldcraft WP-18 torch-or thought he did. I first ask him if was shopping price-they all are. The customer was welding heavy aluminum-1/8″ tungsten. The torch was worn and over heating.

Weldcraft 18 Style Tig Torch-Note the water passage in the head.

I quoted him a CK Trim-Line TL18 torch. A 350 amp-100% duty cycle. Note the difference in water passage size.

This application (high amperage AC tig welding) requires a tig torch with the ability to dissipate large amounts of excess heat. You need a torch with the largest water passages available. To obtain this larger cooling passage is manufacturing nightmare. It is time and material consuming and labor intensive. Only CK has perfected the manufacturing techniques.

The Weldcraft WP-18 is a copy of the original Linde HP-18, and everybody has copied the original torch-down to the original part numbers. Only CK has made sufficient improvements. Every tig welder should know the facts-now you do!

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