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When you have been working on welding equipment for over 40 years, you would believe you had seen it all—WRONG! Even my Deutz mechanic (30 years experience with Deutz) had never seen this happen!


Our new customer brings in a Lincoln Classic 2 (SA-250-F3L1011) Code number 10071 with 10431 hours on the hourmeter. This machine has been worked very hard and been a profitable investment for the customer! We have had a run of these machines with the Deutz F3L1011 engines lately and are very familiar with them.

We repaired the exciter problem-the machine runs and welds! The next day the customer is on his way to pickup this machine. Before he arrives we always run the units; just to do a final check out. We don’t want any embarrassing moments in front of a new (or old!) customer.

We start the engine up and it runs for about 10 seconds when a tremendous puff of white smoke and oil blows out the exhaust. The oil dip stick blow out of the block-followed by a stream of motor oil and the engine starts to “run-away”! Lucky for us (and the customer) we had not put the hood on yet. As soon as it started to run away-I hit the ignition switch-the Muther kept right on running! I had to put my hand over the air filter intake to shut off it’s air, only then did it finally stop running!

We checked the oil level and the crankcase was full of oil! What the hell? We had run the machine the day before and all was just well. Put the unit on our forklift to drain the excess oil and noticed the oil is very thin-it was full of diesel fuel!


The Deutz F3L1011 uses a mechanical “lift-pump” to prime the injectors. Both Lincoln Electric and Miller Electric use the Deutz F3L10011 engine, they both have a gravity-flow fuel system. The lift pump is used to prime the fuel system if needed and to assure that the injector pump has a steady and sufficient flow of fuel.


Lincoln Classic 2 (SA-250) welder uses the Deutz F3L1011 engine. The Lincoln welder has always been the mainstay of the pipeline welding industry.  DEUTZ P/N 01180648KZ, 1180648. deutz 1319142, Baldwin RS3942, BOMAG 05821326, CARQUEST 83462, DONALDSON P778984, FLEETGUARD AF25727, AF26389, FRAM CA9004, NAPA GOLD 9462, WIX 549462.M13376,L8595-1,G2656,M16645, M13641-4,T14875,T2687,

The mechanical lift pump diaphragm had developed a hole and diesel fuel had siphoned into the crankcase from the tank and through the fuel filter. You must remember that this engine has over 10000 hours on it, it is due for an overhaul. When the engine started, it built up pressure in the crankcase-blowing the dipstick out and forcing fuel up the side of the cylinder where it was burned. When I shut off the ignition switch-nothing happened; it just kept running FASTER AND FASTER! The only way to stop it was to cut off its air supply.

Always remember: before you start any engine-always check the oil first!
• Is the oil level sufficient? If not add oil. Smell the oil, if it smells like gasoline (petrol) or diesel-stop and have it checked out.
• If the oil looks like it has milk in it-you have water in the crankcase-don’t run it until you know why. It may just be condensation or worse.
• Always look, feel, and smell the oil-just in case!


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