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If you haven’t heard, it’s official. The Pierce Company (FYI-the only company that manufactures governors for the Continental F-162 and F-163, is closing its doors!

Check out this link:

If you have a Hoof governor (long ago bought out by Pierce) or Pierce governor-take care if it. The only source of new governors and parts are what is on the distributor’s shelf.

Beware of anyone offering you’re a “Rebuilt Governor”-how can you rebuild anything if you cannot get parts?

What you have is all you’ve got-TAKE CARE OF THAT GOVERNOR!

We bought the last new governors for the SA-200, SA-250, and the Miller welders with the Continental engines, but there is a problem. Our last governors shipment; GD899A (Lincoln P/N: M9130 for the SA200 magneto machines) and the GD908A for the distributor machines have a serious problem.

They have a manufacturing defect, and this defect has been around for over a year that we know of. The problem is simple as noted in the image below. The metal speed control lever (we call it the “bellcrank”) has too much lateral play. If the bolt comes loose, and it can, the speed adjustment screw slips behind the bellcrank, as shown in the image.

lincoln pipeliner governor,m9130,gd908a,welder,gd899a

High Speed Adjusting Screw Behind Bellcrank-Will Destroy Governor Housing!

This puts excess pressure on the aluminum “ear” that is drilled and threaded for the high speed adjustment screw. This excessive pressure breaks off the drilled “ear”.

broken governor,lincoln governor,welder,m9130,hoof governor, pierce governor

This image is the results of this: Note: the tiny area that the high speed screw contacts!

pierce governor,hoof governor,m-9130,lincoln welder,m9130,gd908a,gd899a

Our first returned governor was returned to Pierce (Weldmart-warranted the governor on the spot!). Pierce denied the warranty. They claimed that the customer has drilled an angled hole through the aluminum-weakening it. When we countered that ALL THEIR GOVERNORS HAD A DRILLED HOLE-TO HOLD A SECURITY WIRE! We “ate the governor”-what could we do?

All governors that come to Weldmart, in a box or on a machine, are inspected for this defect. We repair them as shown below:

m9130,bellcrank,lincoln welder,pipeliner sa-200,gd908a,sa200,gd899a,sa-250

• The bellcrank is removed from the governor and extra metal is welded on the side of the lever.

lincoln governor,bellcrank,governor bellcrank,welder,pipeliner,m9130

• We have found that it is very easy (if you have the right MIG welder) to build up the edge of bellcrank with 0.025 wire (E70S6-025). It’s not pretty, but the results are worth everything!
• After the build up is complete the area must be shaped with a bench grinder and/or a file.

crankbell,m9130,lincoln pipeliner,welder,gd899a,gd908a

• The repaired bellcrank is now ready for installation on your governor.


The mechanical governor is a simple reliable mechanical device. They work well, but when they fail, the results can be catastrophe!

The biggest enemy of the governor is lack of clean motor oil. The engine keeps adding oil to the governor to remove what leaks back into the engine. When you install a governor you need to add ½ cup of new clean motor oil. If the gaskets show signs of leaking-replace them as soon as possible.

The worse defect of the Continental engines found on Lincoln SA200 & SA250 welders comes from the oil bath air cleaner. The oil bath air cleaner allows dirt to get in the motor oil, that dirt eats the front engine seal and rear the main seals. It is fatal to the mechanical governor. Think about it; what can you buy today with an oil-bath air cleaner? When the SA200 came on the market in 1939-an oil-bath air cleaner was all that was available Upgrade your air cleaner-it’s the best investment you can make to extend the life of your Continental engine!

Why the magneto ignition on the SA200???

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There are questions that customers and prospective customers seem to ask daily. One of the most asked is why did the SA series machines have a magneto ignitions instead of a distributor or electronic ignition?

What new engine driven machine can you purchse, today, that comes stock with a magneto ignition? The only thing that comes to mind is a chainsaw, lawnmower, or a weed-eater-and these units have electronic magnetos-no points and condenser!


A magneto is an electro-mechanical that generates its own high voltage electricity and correctly directs it to the proper spark plug just in time to ignite the fuel/air mixture to produce proper combustion. It needs no external electrical power to operate.

 When the original SA200 came on the market in 1939, it did not have an electrical system-no battery or generator! It was like an old tractor-you had to hand crank start it!

When I was munchkin in the 1950’s ignition failure and constant ignition maintenance was a fact of life. Every six, seven, or eight thousand miles you took you vehicle to your local mechanic. He would replace your points, condenser, rotor, rotor cap, and clean your spark plugs-it was a part of life!

Ask yourself when was the last time you had an ignition failure in any vehicle you drive/ When was the last time you heard anyone say their vehicle had a ignition problem. For me it was 1974!

Why, you ask, did the magneto stay on the SA-200 until the last one rolled off the assembly line? The simple answer is the welders wanted to see a magneto on their machines! Lincoln had one code number that came with a Prestolite, points distributor (Model IBT-4706)-the welders would not buy them! Miller used the same Continental F-163 engine, with the Prestolite distributor in many of their most successful engine driven machines. They worked just fine!

The most common magneto found on the SA-200 was the Fairbanks-Morse FMX4B16. There were some American-Bosch-very good units, but so expensive! Neither unit is in production today, but parts should be available for years.

We suggest that our customer convert to out electronic ignition, when facing the prospect repairing or replacing their magneto’s. We use the Prestolite distributor with an electronic module installed, in our kits. We send the original points plate with the distributor upgrade kit. If the module ever fails-you pop out the module and install the points plate (a ten minute effort) the points are preset. Our kit is complete with distributor drive rod, cover plate to cover the magneto hole, and our system comes with low oil pressure, high temperature automatic engine shut down. Complete install instructions and a toll-free 800 number if you have any questions! You can’t go wrong

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