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Weldmart Idler PC Board

NOTE: What do the LED’s tell you?

a)     LED # 2 is GREEN. As long as it is lite the PC board has a 12 volts DC supply and a good ground. IT should never go out as long as the machine is running.

b)    LED #1 is ORANGE As long as it is lite the machine is in “Idle-Down” mode; the solenoid is pulled in and the machine is at idle speed.

c)     LED # 3 is RED As long as it is lite the solenoid is pulled in and the machine is at idle.

d)     When LED #1 and #3 go off the idle board has sensed a demand to run at weld speed; the solenoid has released and the machine should be running at weld speed.

e)     When welding or auxiliary power is no longer required; a fifteen second delay occurs. The PC board pulls in the solenoid and the machine returns to idle speed.


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