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The picture you are looking at is a 215 pound man carrying a 72 POUND! Burco MPM 200 WELDER, powered by the Honda GsX-200! Engine.

Burco Honda Welder

You are looking at a 72 pound industrial engine drive DC welding machine,this is not a TOY!


1) The vast majority of stick welding done in the field is done with3/16",1/8" and 5/32" electrode.

2) You need approximately 125 amps to burn 1/8" rod, 157 amps to burn 5/32"rod.

3) Welding leads are heavy, expensive, subject to wear, burning, loss, theft, and can be a tripping  hazard.

4) Do you really need the expense of buying, maintaining and transporting a large 300or 400 amp welding machine, just to weld with a 1/8" rod? In other words do you needa "One Ton Duelly" when a compact pickup will do theEXACTSAME JOB?

THE REAL WORLD (the owner's comments)

1. This machine has excellent arccharacteristics, it does an amazing job with 3/16" & 1/8" rods, including7018 (all positions) and stainless steel. The arc "sings", it's normal, you'llget use to it.

2. I am not happy with it's performancewith 5/32". It will burn the rod, but the machine does not have enough power to burnthe rod "hot".

3. The engine is a four cycle Honda GsK-200, 7.2 HP at 4000 RPM. This unit has an average run time of 3.5 hours per tank of gasoline. It's a Honda-you can buy parts anywhere for the engine everywhere!

Burco Engine Drive Welder

4. The alternator brushes will never wear out-there are not any!

5. Continuous regulated current control-you set it and keeps "the heat where you want it!"

6. Weld and have auxiliary power at the same time!

6. As far as idiot-proof, if you shortthe electrode to the ground, at any engine speed, it will not hurt the engine oralternator. DON'T TRY THIS WITH ANY OTHER WELDINGMACHINE!

7. It comes standard with automaticidle control, electronic ignition (no points to ever wear out), "Dinze"twist-lock connectors, ten foot electrode, and ground leads, and 2kw auxiliary 120volt DC.

8. With more that 25,000 units in the field and a basic design is twenty-five years old, you have a "proven" machine.


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