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LIncoln Idler Kit Trouble Shooting
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Finally the information and tools you need to learn, understand, troubleshoot and repair your Lincoln electric (PC Board) idler system. This is the information the manufacture's don't want you to know (if they did they would offer this kit!)

 If your idler fails your only option is to let the engine run at full speed all day. This not only wastes expensive fuel, and leads to excessive engine wear. The Weldmart Lincoln Idler troubleshooting kit will help YOU become technically self sufficient. 

Finding competent repair technicians can time consuming and very costly ($60 to $100 per hour labor rate). Downtime can cost your a profitable job!

With this simple and inexpensive kit you now know what to look for and how to quickly identify the problem.

The kit includes the following items:


Test Light to Quickly Identify Defective Circuits

Complete Instructions on "How To" understand, troubleshoot, and repair your Lincoln Electronic Idler.

Two Test Leads for Troubleshooting; necessary to quickly evaluate the system.

Dielectric Grease; The wonder goo! Helps keep your system working the way no other product can!

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ENGINE DRIVEN LINCOLN WELDERS: SA-200; Continental Engines F162/163        


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