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The purpose of this web page is to provide the end user of the Hypertherm MAX 200 system unbiased information on the system, it's strengths, weaknesses, and more importantly ideas on how to make it's operation more--PROFITABLE! We offer original Hypertherm torch consumables, quality aftermarket consumables and torch upgrades.


The Hypertherm® PAC-160 plasma cutting torch is a water cooled cutting torch (both hand held and machine versions) capable of cutting currents up to 200 amps. This system is considered a "standard of the industry" because of it's torch simplicity, cutting capacity, and equipment reliability. If you own this system, be assured your money has been invested wisely. The following links will take you to our information pages, the information here is a combination of information from Hypertherm® files (that is in the public domain), information from other manufactures who manufacture consumables (and repair parts), and our thirty-years of personal experience in the field of plasma cutting industry.

a) PAC-160® Machine Torch & Consumables

Pac 160 water cooled torch

b) PAC-160 Hand Torch & Consumables

Pac 160 hand torch

c) MAX 200® Power Supply

Max 200 Power Supply




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