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The picture you are looking at is a 190 pound man carrying a 65 POUND! Burco MSG 200 WELDER.

BURCO Portable Welder

You are looking at a 65 pound industrial engine drive DC welding machine, this is not a TOY!


1) The vast majority of stick welding done in the field is done with 3/16",1/8" and 5/32" electrode.

2) You need approximately 125 amps to burn 1/8" rod, 157 amps to burn 5/32" rod.

3) Welding leads are heavy, expensive, subject to wear, burning, loss, theft, and can be a tripping    hazard.

4) Do you really need the expense of buying, maintaining and transporting a large 300 or 400 amp welding machine, just to weld with a 1/8" rod? In other words do you need a "One Ton Duelly" when a compact pickup will do the EXACT SAME JOB?

THE REAL WORLD (the owner's comments)

1. This machine has excellent arc characteristics, it does an amazing job with 3/16" & 1/8" rods, including 7018 (all positions) and stainless steel. The arc "sings", it's normal, you'll get use to it.

2. I am not happy with it's performance with 5/32". It will burn the rod, but the machine does not have enough power to burn the rod "hot".

3. The engine is two-cycle, and it requires oil mixed with the gasoline, just like your chainsaw or weedeater. There are many reasons for this; including savings in weight and purchase price. Lets face it any employee can ruin the most "fool-proof" equipment!

4. With a two-cycle engine there are no valves to burn out, no engine oil to check and change. If the worst happens and your engine is damaged by an employee not mixing oil with the fuel, the repairs are quick and inexpensive. The piston rings, connecting rod bearings, and cylinder liner can be replaced WITHOUT BREAKING DOWN THE ENGINE/ ALTERNATOR! Click on the underlined word "alternator" to see a breakdown of the engine and alternator. The engine can be repaired "in the Field", by any mechanic that can overhaul a lawnmower!

5. The alternator brushes will never wear out-there are not any!

6. There is no rheostat to burn out or PC board to die in the middle of a job. The output current (heat) is controlled by engine RPM. With this brushless alternator, the more RPM, the more heat. There is a patented throttle control on the front of the unit. You adjust it up or down, and it locks in position, as about as idiot proof as they come! Click HERE to see a graphic of the throttle.

7. As far as idiot-proof, if you short the electrode to the ground, at any engine speed, it will not hurt the engine or alternator. DON'T TRY THIS WITH ANY OTHER WELDING MACHINE!

8. It comes standard with automatic idle control, electronic ignition (no points to ever wear out), "Dinze" twist-lock connectors, ten foot electrode, and ground leads, and 3kw auxiliary 120volt DC.

9. With more that 25,000 units in the field and a basic design is twenty-five years old, you have a "proven" machine.


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